Good Day Sunshine


Blink 182 - I miss you


sixpence none the richer  - kiss me


Chumbawamba - Tubthumping


Teenaged Dirtbag - Wheatus



Best of 2012

Best Albums of 2012
I understand that not all of these albums were released in 2012 but they came to my attention in 2012

1 The Front Bottoms – The Front Bottoms
The Front Bottoms - Maps

2 Hop Along - Get Disowned
Hop Along - Young and Happy!

3 Good Luck - Without Hesitation
Good Luck - Decider

4 Sundials - When I Couldn’t Breathe
Sundials - Unpredictable

5 Joyce Manor - Joyce Manor
Joyce Manor - Leather Jacket

6 The Snails - From Kingston to Memphis
The Snails - Better Days

7 Now, Now - Threads
(sorry youtube is the best way to bring this track to you but the video is awesome so enjoy)
Now, Now - Thread

8 Caves - Homeward Bound
Caves - I’m Not Sorry

9 Naomi Punk - The Feeling
Naomi Punk - Burned Body

10 Slingshot Dakota - Dark Hearts
Slingshot Dakota - May Day

Best Throwback Album of 2012

High School Football Heroes – Close Only counts in Horseshoes & Handgrenades
(Super old School Video to go with it!)

Best Shows of 2012

1 Good Luck, Spoonboy, Hop Along, Sundails @ Ras Hall (+Philly Show)

2 Joyce Manor, Algernon Cadwallader, The Max Levine Ensemble @ Black Cat (+ Richmond Show)

3 Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Have Nots, The Shifters @ 9:30 Club (+Philly Show)

4 Lemuria, Sick Fix (Record Release), War Games, Sick Sick Birds @ Ras Hall (+Philly Show)

5 MPH Last Show: Plow United, Spraynard, Paramedic, Headies, + more @ My Parents House

6 Firefly Music Fest: The Killers, Black Keys, Death Cab for Cutie, John Legend, Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, Yeasayer, Cake, Girl Talk, Silversun Pickups, Ok Go, Fitz and the Tantrums, Cold War Kids, Awolnation, Grouplove, Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaires, Cults, Ra Ra Riot, The Felice Brothers @ Dover, DE

7 The Wild, Taxpayers, Jake Mayday @ House Address (+DC Show)

8 4th of July Party at Wasted Dream: Fake Boys, Harrison Four, Foozle, Surgery Dot Com, + More @ Wasted Dream

9 Harrison Four, Boardroom Heroes, Curious Volume, No Such Noise, Kill Lincoln @ Casa Fiesta

10 Hop Along, Delay, The Ambulars @ Comet Ping Pong

Honorable Mentioned: World is a beautiful place and I a no longer afraid to die, Monument, Dads, Turnover, Football, Etc @ Little Mans Garage




i want to wake up on MPH’s green sofa and spend a lazy morning paying attention to the quietness of the neighborhood while people i had just met the night before sleep around me and corey comes downstairs saying, “good morning,” knowing that in a few minutes i will smell coffee and maybe walk outside to the stairs out front and feel the cold concrete beneath my feet as i stare across the street to wally’s house and think about how perfect every night feels at MPH.

i miss laying for hours on the trampoline in the sun with mary as someone would come out and skate for a little bit and i would get sunburned and then we would go in and eat lots of vegan food. i miss being anywhere on the property and hearing screams from people smashing.  i miss parking under the pine tree and getting sap all over my car. i miss making out to descendents. i saw the best shows, made my best friends, and had the best times of my life in this house. someday there will be a punk historical landmark in front of this house. its amazing that its months later and people are still mourning the loss. we need to find a new house like this.

I miss waking up in the morning and not knowing exactly who I’d find on the couches, but knowing that there was a 70% chance I’d find SOMEONE there.  I miss the feeling I felt when it FINALLY felt like home, not just a place I was staying in for a while.  I miss not being able to fall asleep right away due to the noise from Blitz or Smashing in the living room.  I miss having the need to check under my bed and in my closet to make sure Ed or Sean weren’t going to try to spook me as soon as I fell asleep.  Mostly, I just miss the people.

I’ve come to the realization that I’m never going to be fully happy anywhere I live.  No matter where I am, I’m going to be leaving somebody behind.  I’m always going to be missing somebody/a group of people.  I guess that’s part of adulthood or life in general, but it just makes things so much harder than you think they would be.

Sundials sum it up pretty nicely:

I guess that I’m feeling selfish. 
I know that it’s gone, but I’m not there. 
Sometimes I don’t wanna care. 
It’s just a place I used to sleep, 
Let it burn without me. 

Damn that was sad but also that sundials quote worked perfectly.

Concert countdown

Since the beginning of the summer I’ve been blogging about all the concerts I’ve attended so that the end of the summer (ie. today) I could go through and count the number of bands I saw and shows I’ve been too. I think the numbers are quite impressive. I have had a very clear timeline because I’m a teacher and I have obvious days to declare as the beginning and end of summer.

This summer I saw at least 123 live performances

a total of 102 bands at 31 concerts

I saw these bands multiple times:
Harrison Four 5 times
Max Levine Ensemble 4 times
Jake Mayday 3 times
Walk the Plank 3 times
Boardroom Heroes 2 times
Colombian Necktie 2 times
The Have Nots 2 times
Hold Tight! 2 times
Joyce Manor 2 times
Kill Lincoln 2 times
Lemuria 2 times
Mary Mary Quite Contrary 2 times
Mighty Mighty Bosstones 2 times
Taxpayers 2 times
The Wild 2 times


The bands I saw:


Adult Braces (Pat Graham)

Algernon Cadwalleder

Ambition Burning

Among Friends

Awesomesaurus Rex

Awhelm Scream

Black Keys

Boardroom Heroes (2)

Bomb the Music Industry


Chaos Destroy

Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaires

Close Talker

Cold War Kids

Colombian Necktie (2)

Common Enemy


Curious Volume


Dan Jordan

Death Cab for Cutie




Fitz and the Tantrums

Flaming Lips

Fools Rush In

Football, Etc


Girl Talk



Harrison  Four (5)

Have Nots (2)

Hold Tight! (2)

Holy Mess,

Hoodrat 7

Hop Along


Jake Lazovick

Jake Mayday (3)

James Disaster

James Disaster/Tom Ripley

John Crodian

John Legend

Joyce Manor (2)

Kill Lincoln (2)

Lemuria (2)

Little Bear

Lotus Fucker

Ma Jolie

Magpie Stringband

Mary Mary Quite Contrary (2)

Masked Intruder

Max Levine Ensemble (4)

Mighty Mighty Bosstones (2)

Modest Mouse



No Such Noise



Ok Go

Oklahoma Car Crash


Paul Baribeau

Ra Ra Riot

Rebecca Vs. Mexico


Ryan Ford

Salt Water


Sick Fix,

Sick Sick Birds

Silversun Pickups





Surgery Dot Com

Tallest Man on Earth

Taxpayers (2)

Teenaged Bottlerocket

The Ambulars

The Attack

The Fake Boys

The Felice Brothers

The HEadies

The Killers

The Meeps

The Wild (2)

This is your life

Told Slant

Triangle Fire


Walk the Plank (3)

Walter Mitty and his makeshift orchestra

War Games

Wise Eyes

World is a beautiful place and I a no longer afraid to die



8/8/12 Hop Along, Delay, The Ambulars @ Comet Ping Pong

8/9/12 World is a beautiful place and I a no longer afraid to die, Monument, Dads, Turnover, Football, Etc @ Little Mans Garage

8/10/12 Jake Mayday, This is your life, Rebecca Vs. Mexico, Hoodrat 7 @ the Lab

8/12/12 Spoonboy & Adult Braces(Pat Graham) @ Rocketship with a Bill & Ted Excellent Adventure viewing

* not a show but the most epic kickball game on 8/13/12

8/14/12 Studying, Among Friends, Told Slant, Harrison Four @ Wasted Dream

8/17/12 Goof Punks Show: Walter Mitty and his makeshift orchestra, Dinosawh, Magpie Stringband @ Wasted Dream

8/18/12 Joyce Manor, Max Levine Ensemble, Hold Tight! @ The Camel, Richmond

8/19/12 Joyce Manor, Algernon Cadwalleder, Max Levine Ensemble @ The Black Cat

8/25/12 Teenaged Bottlerocket, Masked Intruder, The Meeps, Idleminds @ the Ottobar





Foreshadowing in Arrested Development: Buster losing his hand

  • S1E18 - Michael appeared in the school play The Trial of Captain Hook. Later in the episode Fakin’ It from season 3, Lucille refers to Buster as “Captain Hook.”
  • S1E20 - “This party is going to be off the hook.”
  • S2E1 - When Lucille is watching the news, you can hear John Beard mentioning a surprise seal attack and then saying “meet one surprised bather, coming up.” The camera immediately moves to show Buster.
  • S2E3 - Buster arrives to Lupe’s house, sees the hand chair, and says “wow, i never thought I’d miss a hand so much.”
  • S2E6 - Buster is playing the claw machine and gets a toy seal. Later when he’s returning home, the narrator mentions that “Buster had gotten hooked playing” that game. 
  • S2E11- Lucille, Oscar and Buster and in the beach, and when they’re talking, the seal is seen in the background. Later, George Sr. says about Buster “what if i never get a chance to reach out and touch that hand of his again?” And of course, the bench that shows “arm off.” 
  • S2E12- When George Sr is at the car dealership, if you take a look at the inflatable doll/man in the back, you can see that it’s missing an arm. Also, when Gob is releasing the seal back into the wild, he says “you’re not going to be hand-fed anymore.”

THIS SHOW HAS SO MANY LAYERS. This is such a handy guide.

Really have to HAND it to them. Ehh?

I knew there were things I had been missing, but I just couldn’t put my finger on ‘em.

My favorite is the army bench that say “Arm Off”. tots missed that.